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Hello, and welcome to the page I have set up for the students and faculty who went (even if it was one day) to Roosevelt Roads High School on NAS Roosevelt Roads, Ceiba, Puerto Rico who want to find each other's email addresses.

Please email me if you want an item to be added/deleted/changed, or if you have the details of any other people unlisted here. Tell me if you find any new errors in the list which I don't know about. I generally do the updating on weekends or as time allows.  

I am looking for someone with a little more knowledge in maintaining and building websites. I am particularly interested in making the alumni registration more automated. Please email me at

You can usually find me online under the alias of RRHSAlumni. I use ICQ, AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo, and MSN Messenger. Feel free to add me and say hello.

If anybody wants to have something mentioned on my site, please feel free to send me a message saying what you want done. I'll add pretty much anything if you can send it via e-mail or whatever.

Any relatively newly-added addresses (or ones that have recently changed) will have a "next to their names, so you people out there don't have to check through them all every time you come here. The addresses that don't work will still have have a "" next to their names, so if you see any that you know a working address for, please tell me..

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Thanks, Kelly Lauritzen 


Roosey is up for auction:

Classmate Biography

 Your classmates are as curious about you as you are about them! Please send your bio to me by email   Someone's wondering about you...


Frank Worley- Class of '86 has released a CD - Click here to see more info

Bruce Kauder- Class of '71 has written a book of some true life stories: To Purchase, or by typing "bruce kauder" in the book search area of